About us

2016-2017 Post Officers                                2016-2017 Auxiliary Officers

Post Commander: Ken Kraft                                                                                     Auxiliary President: Tracy Bogard

Sr. Vice Commander: Robert Parrack                                                                     Sr Vice President: Annie Montieth 

Jr. Vice Commander: Ray Mack                                                                                JR Vice President: Bev Reed 

Quartermaster: Don Reed                                                                                        Chaplain: Derek Montieth

Chaplain: Anthony Barber                                                                                        Conductress: Annie Montieth 

Judge Advocate: Don Shank                                                                                     Guard: David Potter

Surgeon: Jimmy Allensworth                                                                                    Treasurer: Kay Saddler 

Adjutant: Don Reed                                                                                                   Secretary: Linda Kidd 

3rd Year Trustee Irene Stellar                                                                                  Patriotic Instructor: Cora Mack 

2nd Year Trustee: Larry Harmon                                                                            Trustee 3 year: Lee Traxler 

1st Year Trustee: John Olson                                                                                    Trustee 2 year: Cathy Barber 

Service Officer: Gina Thomas                                                                                   Trustee 1 year: Annie Montieth


Special Committees

Post Commander and QM are members of all Post Committees

Poppy Committee: Don Reed – Chair. Tracy Bogard

Membership Committee: Ken Kraft- Chair. Tracy Bogard – Aux Chair

Americanism Committee: Bob Parrack. Ray Mack. Cora Mack – Aux Chair

Voice of Democracy, Patriot’s Pen & Teacher of the Year Committee: Ray Mack. Tracy Bogard – Aux Chair. Linda Kidd – Aux Co Chair

Youth Activities: Emily Monteith – Aux Chair

Public Safety Committee: Tom Steeves – Chair

Legislative: Ken Kraft. Cathy Barber – Aux Chair

National Military Service (Veterans and Family Support)  Ray Mack – Chair. Tracy Bogard – Aux Chair

Hospital Committee: Anthony Barber – Chair. Shelia Logan – Aux Chair

VFW Communications and Public Affairs: Ken Kraft. Tracy Bogard.

Newsletter: Ken Kraft. Bob Parrack – Chair. Tracy Bogard

Honor Guard: Ray Mack – D&C Chair. Anthony Barber. Bob Parrack. Jimmy Allensworth. Ken Kraft – Admin Chair

CSR: Bob Parrack – Post Chair. Tracy Bogard – Aux